Thursday, April 8, 2010


Soooooooo..............are you ready for the news???? Huh huh? Are you ready???


WE GOT APPROVED FOR OUR LOAN! Yay! All we need to do now is do an inspection on the house and then move in!!!! We officially close on the 13th (Tuesday), but we are trying to close on MONDAY, the 12th, - 4 DAYS AWAY - because Tuesday is going to be a crazy day for us! AHHH!!! I'm so freaking excited!

We got a slight bit nervous because they wanted us to pay off a student loan and something else. $8500 later, we are making sure everything is in order and that we have enough in the bank for the downpayment plus 2 months of mortgage available.....we had the right amount, plus $172! We just BARELY made it! Granted, we had some checks and stuff we need to deposit, but actively in the bank to close on time, barely made it! Kindof sucks though, because we were planning on using that extra money we had towards upgrading some things in the home...we'll have to see what we can do now! Oh well! We're getting a home! Small sacrifices for a great reward!

We'll make sure to keep you updated on our progress and when we actually close! Until then...hopefully everything stays according to plan!


Missy Rogers said...

Good luck Steph; I hope all goes smoothly. We are just beginning the loan and house hunting process - uhg!

Cheri said...

Hooray! I bet you are crazy busy now but its a good kind of busy!

Todd and Heather said...

Congrats again on the new place. Are you all moved in now? How is everything? Updates!